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Advanced Custom Fields PRO

$100.00 $4.99
Advanced Custom Fields Pro unlock ACF v5 plus the repeater field, flexible content field, gallery field.

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Dashboard Sharing

$199.00 $10.00
Affiliate Dashboard Sharing allows your affiliates to easily share the referral URLs they have generated, right from their affiliate dashboard.

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms

$199.00 $10.00
Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms makes it exceptionally easy to create a custom registration form

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms

$199.00 $10.00
Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms makes it exceptionally easy to create an affiliate registration form.

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Landing Pages

$199.00 $10.00
With Affiliate Landing Pages, you can now create and assign a dedicated landing page (page or post) to each affiliate (or even to certain special affiliates).

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress

$49.00 $4.00
AffiliateWP is the easiest and best affiliate management plugin for WordPress.

AffiliateWP – Custom Affiliate Slugs

$199.00 $10.00
Custom Affiliate Slugs takes this one step further, allowing affiliates to create their own custom “slug”.

AffiliateWP – Direct Link Tracking

$199.00 $10.00
Direct Link Tracking allows affiliates to link directly to your site without the need for an affiliate link.

AffiliateWP – Lifetime Commissions

$199.00 $10.00
The Lifetime Commissions add-on links a customer to an affiliate.

AffiliateWP – PayPal Payouts

$199.00 $10.00
PayPal Payouts allows you to instantly pay your affiliates their earnings from your PayPal account with a single click.

AffiliateWP – Pushover Notifications

$199.00 $10.00
Pushover is a service that allows you to receive push notifications on your iOS or Android powered phone or tablet.

AffiliateWP – Recurring Referrals

$199.00 $10.00
Recurring Referrals allows you to record affiliate commissions anytime.